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Welcome To The Innovative Rehabilitation Home Page

In business since 1979, IRTI provides high technology products and services for the Blind, Low Vision and individuals with learning differences.

Call Us At: 1 800 322 4784


Featured Products

Candy Grip Magnifier


Electronic Magnifiers


Portable, handheld

and Desktop


HIMS Polaris 32 Braille Cell Notetaker

HIMS Polaris Braille Notetaker

Talking Clocks, Watches and Appliances

Talking Appliances

Watches and Clocks


and more

Turnkey PC Computers

Turnkey PC Systems

Complete PC Systems including

Screen Magnifiers and Readers

Starting @ $1395.00


VisioDesk Near and Distance Viewing CCTV

VisioDesk Near and Distance Magnifier


Lifestyle CCTV

Low Vision Magnifier Reader


Smart Beetle Braille Display

Wireless Braille Keyboard


PC Magnifier / Reader

Book Players and Recorders


  Daisy Book Players

  Daisy Book Recorders


  Blaze Ez


  Plextalk PTR-2

  Plextalk Pocket PTP-1

  Plextalk PTN-2

  Milestone M312

  Milestone M212

  Milestone M112

  Victor Stream


Alternative Format 

  eClipseReader Daisy Book Reader

  eClipseWriter Daisy Conversion

  Daisy Book Publisher Tools


Mac and PC Software


Screen Reading Software

Screen Magnifier Software

OCR Software


Scan and Read Software

Anti Virus Software

Talking DVD Player

Internet Radio

CD Burner Software

Dragon Voice Recognition

Microsoft Office Software

Talking Software for Seniors

Dolphin Guide

Window-Eyes for Office

Zoomtext For Mac

Reading Machines


eClipseScan and Read Machine

Blaze EZ Book Player scanner

Scan and Read + Magnification

Class Room Distance Viewing

HoverCam Document Camera


Braille Displays and Note Takers


HIMS Edge 40 Cell Braille Display

Braille Note Taker

Braille Displays

Braille Pen 12

BrailleSense U2

BrailleSense U2 Mini

Braille Embosser

Braille Watches

Electronic Video Magnifiers


Desktop CCTV Magnifier

Hand Held Video Magnifier

Portable Video Magnifier

Distance Viewing Magnifier

PC Low Vision Work Station

Scan and Read CCTV

HD Video Magnifier


eBot Advanced

eBot Pro


24" LCD Display

27" LCD Display

Touch Screen Display

Magnifying Glass

TV Glasses



Desktop PC Computer

Laptop PC Computers

Turnkey PC Systems

Tablet PC Computers


Talking Devices


Talking Watches

Talking Clocks

Talking Thermometers

Talking Blood Pressure Cuff

Talking Labeling Devices

Talking Barcode Readers

Talking Calculators

Talking Color Identifiers

Talking Money identifiers



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