Bulletin Type:  Software Operational Procedure                               Number:  ECR4

Date Posted: 4/14/2008

Product Name: eClipseReader and Screen Reader Compatibility

Version: All

Category: Using a silent association to improve Screen Reader Compatibility


Operating a screen reader such as Window-Eyes or JAWS with eClipseReader causes multiple audio voices to play simultaneously creating a confusing and undesirable reading environment. .  




This is because eClipseReader includes its own built-in screen reader and is a tool for playing audio books.  Running a screen reader in parallel with eClipseReader adds yet a third audio voice creating a confusing and undesirable reading environment where multiple reading voices are heard.




1.   The simplest solution to resolve the multi-voice environment is to configure your screen reader to go silent when ever eClipseReader is running and in focus.  In silent mode  your screen reader continues to operate normally when every you switch to another applications and only goes silent when focus is placed in eClipseReader.  Configuring your screen reader in this manner seamlessly integrates eClipseReader's internal screen reader with your primary screen reading application and stops one application from speaking over the other.  


Creating a silent association can provides a desirable reading environment as it allows eClipseReader to manage when voicing of menu items and messages occur preventing its screen reader from speaking at the same time a book is playing or read.  Silencing your screen reader in this manner usually allows a  Braille display to continue to operate and display text on the screen even though the screen reader voice is silent.  If your screen reader is configured to use the same SAPI 5 voice used by eClipseReader switching between applications becomes even more seamless and well integrated.


See the procedures below on how to create a silent association for eClipseReader and JAWS or Window-Eyes.


2.   Installing custom scripts for your screen reader and eClipseReader is required for  to fully enable screen reader compatibility if a silent association is not used.   Scripts are available for download via the eClipseReader support page and will be made available on your eClipseReader installation CD.  Follow the procedures included with your screen reader to install custom scripts for eClipseReader.  Note:  scripts are not always available for every version of your screen reader as scripting requirements may change as screen readers evolve.


Note:  eClipseReader-EyeNet Version 4.0 - includes a Web Browser that is not self-voicing.  Blind users should use their screen reader when using this feature to surf the web and access media from a web service that is compatible eClipseReader-EyeNet 4.0.

Procedure to Setup a Silent Association for Window-Eyes and JAWS.


1. Open the chosen application
2. Open Window-Eyes
3. Select File / Open Set File
4. Select Silent.000
5. Select OK
6. Select File / Save Set File
7. Leave the File name set to reference the chosen application
8. Select OK


1. While in eClipseWriter or eClipseReader, press Insert + F2
2. Choose configuration manager
3. Leave the .JFC file name set to reference the chosen application
4. Select OK
5. The configuration file opens for the "new" JCF file
and you should be on the page where you can put JAWS in sleep
6. Check the Sleep Mode and the Unload Synthesizer check boxes
7. Save the new configuration and it will take effect immediately.

If not restart your application.


For more information about creating silent associations consult your screen reader manual.