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eClipseWater and eClipseWater Professional

Revolutionizing Web Distribution Technology For Digital Talking Books


eClipseWater enables your clients to download tiny encrypted files from your website, intra-net or password protect web-portal and convert them into over 30 formats of accessible media on their personal PC with a simple few steps guided by a build book wizard.  


Accessible Media Work Flow



You simply download a DTB-DNA or DTB-

RDNA file, launch eClipseWater and your

select desired your DAISY format, Type, Audio

format guided by a build book wizard.  The

book starts to build right in front in you, rendering

the DTB-DNA file into a structured audio book

at the average rate of 11 seconds per page

when rendering to MP3.

eClipseWater also contains our Accessible 

CD Burner to make your digital talking

books portable.  Just a few simple

keystrokes burns your books to CD’s that will

play on “off the shelf” consumer CD players

– as well as DAISY players!  The digital

talking books that eClipseWater creates will

also play on computers using eClipseReader

and free applications such as Windows Media

Player and other similar programs.





eClipseWriter Professional creates these tiny encrypted files automatically during the production process.  A DTB-DNA file is comprised of preformatted text.  A DTB-RDNA file is comprised of preformatted text bound with audio and graphic files enabling the efficient storage and transport of multi-file DAISY Media as a single file format. 


These files make it possible to post and deliver digital talking books secured and encrypted over the Internet, network portal even in an email.  Users simply download a DTB-DNA™ file, and with our free eClipseWater Personal Production tool, unpack and build the audio book automatically locally on their personal computer!


In addition to the distribution benefits of packaging the elements of a multi-file DAISY book into a single compressed file, DTB-RDNA includes parameters set in the production process that instructs eClipseWater how to render the media in specific formats, with unique characteristics providing the publisher control on how the media is to be received by the end user.

Following is a list of special media attributes stored in a DTB-RDNA:

       Phrase parsing: Set to paragraph or sentence

       Starting number for auto page numbering. Required to support multi volume media

        Lock or unlock DNA to prevent unauthorized editing by other copies of eClipseWriter.

        Reconstitution approval list for use by eClipseWater: DAISY format, book type, and audio format

       Provision for Publisher Watermark.  Scheduled for future release

        Provision for DRM encryption method. Scheduled for future release

        DNA is serialized to identify authoring Station (DNA is evidence)


eClipseWater is available as a free download

        Renders DTB-DNA and DTB-RDNA media into DAISY 2.02, Type 3, 4 and 6.

        Includes M3U play list. Windows Media player may be used as a free audio player.

        Renders audio formats: WAV, WMA (Windows Media Audio)


NOTE. eClipseReader will read DAISY media rendered to WMA audio. Most DAISY players only support MP3 or WAV. 


eClipseWater Pro is available as a download for $19.95

        Renders DTB-DNA and DTB-RDNA media into DAISY 2.02 or DAISY / NISO, Type 3, 4 and 6 media.

        Renders audio formats: WAV, WMA, MP3, and A S F

        Includes a built-In CD burner for DAISY books.


NeoSpeech synthetic voice package

An outstanding text-to-speech engine to make your audio books sound wonderful!  Package includes SAPI 5 voice engines Kate and Paul and may be purchased separately.  NeoSpeech voice engines will work with any application including JAWS and Window-eyes that supports a SAPI interface.  Buy NeoSpeech Online



System Requirements:

Windows 98 SE, ME, XP, XP PRO, 2000  and Windows Vista

500 Mhz Processor, 512 Meg Ram,

100 Meg for Application and documentation, 20 Gig min recommend for book building

SAPI 5 Text to Speech Engine

DirectX 8.1 or higher, IE 6 or higher


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