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eClipseWriter Manual

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Welcome to the eClipseWrtier Personal Edition 30 Trial Download Page

Please read the import installation instructions prior to downloading eClipseWriter Personal Edition.

Note: The file download size is 71.3 MB and is in .Zip format

  1. Select the Trial Download link below to start the file download.

  2. Create a new folder to save the file in and where you can find it later.

  3. Open the new folder you created.

  4. Press the Save Button to start the download.  Do not save more than one software installer in a folder.

  5. When the download is complete open the folder and extract the zip file contents.

  6. To do so, right click on the Zip file and select extract all. You cannot run the installer without first extracting all files.

  7. To install eClipseWriter Personal select the file name: Setup.exe and the press the Enter Key.

  8. Two Applications will be installed: IRTI Audio Video Component, followed by eClipseWriter Personal Edition.

  9. After the installation is complete go to your PC Desktop and select the eClipseWriter Personal short-cut and then press the Enter Key to run the application.

NOTE:  When running the installer it may open on the taskbar or open behind an open window. If you do not see an installer dialog press Alt + TAB to cycle through the items on the taskbar until you find the eClipseWriter installer.  Then follow the installation instructions prompts.

Select this link to start the eClipseWrite Personal Download



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