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These Talking Documents are stored in DTB-DNA daisy format.  Use eClipseReader to download,  open and read though its new screen reader compatible built-in web browser and free DTB-DNA reader mode.


Download eClispeReader-EyeNet 4.2 here

IRTI eClipseWare Manuals


New:  eClipseScan User Guide 8-09  -   IRTI's Scan and Read Entertainment System

New: Download eClipseWriter Quick Orientation  

New: Download eClipseReader 4.0 EyeNet Manual

New: Download eClipseReader 4.0 Hotkey List  

NEW: Download eClipseWriter Version 3 User Manual      


         eClipseWater™ User Guide Manual -  

         Talking Utility CD Burner User Guide - IRTI's Talking CD burner

        Talking Utility CD Burner Quick Start Guide

  Daisy Players and Readers

 Accessible User Guide for the Telex Professor

 Accessible User Guide for the Plextalk PTR2 Portable Recorder

      Talking Watches and Clocks

       The Marcel Drucker Watch

        The Reizen Talking Pocket Clock

        The Super Cube Talking Clock made by Reizen

        The Talking Atomic Alarm Clock made by Reizen

        Digital Recorders and Players


The Creative MuVo Mix 512MB MP3 Player

          The Sony MZ-B100 Business MiniDisc Recorder
          The Sony MZ-B10 Business MiniDisc Recorder

        NLS Format 4 Track Tape Players and  Accessories


The TTR-200 and optional Value Pack

The TTR-221

The TTR-30

The TTR-929 and TTR-929T

Accessible User Guide for the StudyStation 4-Track  Desktop Cassette Player and Recorder 


          Radio and Talking Bible


        Talking Solar-Powered Bible Quick Start Guide

          Accessible User Guide for the Sangean DT-220V Pocket Radio

          User Guide for the Sangean DT-300VW Pocket Radio    

          Accessible User Guide for the Sony Portable Radio

          User Guide for the Sangean DT-200V Pocket Radio



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